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June, 2007
Teamgo gained the “Top 100 Enterprise in Guangdong Province” award, and passed the high-tech authentication

March, 2008
Teamgo invested and controlled Huichang Longwei Tin Co., Ltd.

May, 2008
Teamgo donated over RMB 1 million to Sichuan earthquake-stricken area, and gained the “Guangdong Excellent Company of Social Donation to Earthquake Relief” award

October, 2008
Teamgo invested Yangchun New Steel Limited Liability Company

May, 2009
Mr. Li Ping, Teamgo’s chairman and president, was elected to be the chairman of Jiangxi Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province

August, 2009
Teamgo established Ganzhou Fengshan Investment Development Co., Ltd., started the project of Ganzhou Sport Park invested about RMB 2 billion

December, 2009
Teamgo Engineering Materials Co., Ltd. finished the shareholding restructuring, and renamed to Nanchang Teamgo New Materials Joint-stock Co., Ltd.

May, 2010
Guangzhou Teamgo Co., Ltd. gained “A- Level Tax Paying Enterprise” award in Guangzhou

December, 2010
Nanchang Teamgo New Materials Joint-stock Co., Ltd. passed the ISO14000 environmental authentication and ISO 18000 occupational health & safety authentication

October, 2011
Teamgo made capital operation officially with China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp.

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