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Mining is Teamgo’s core business, it invested successively over RMB 1 billion to establish 5 mining companies, which are Zijin Baoshan Mining Co., Ltd. located in Zijin Town of Heyuan in Guangdong, Heyuan Zijin Tian’ou Mining Co., Ltd. located in Zijin Town of Heyuan in Guangdong, Pingyuan Tianyu Metallurgy Co., Ltd. located in Pingyuan Town of Meizhou in Guangdong, Huichang Longwei Tin Co., Ltd. located in Huichang Town of Ganzhou in Jiangxi, and Jishui Yida Materials Limited Liability Company located in Jishui Town of Ji’an in Jiangxi. Teamgo has 4 mines (Fe) with the total proven reserves of over 100 million tons, 1 large-scale mine (Sn) with the reserves of over 200,000 tons, 1 medium-sized mine (Mo & Au), and 26 polymetallic mining projects all over the world which are in exploitation progress. Teamgo’s annual sales scale of iron concentrate has reached nearly 1million tons, and the total value of accumulated mining resources under control exceeded RMB 100 billion. Up to now, Teamgo has initially formed 2 mining industry bases and 4 productions bases mainly base on ferrous metals in Guangdong, as well as nonferrous metals and precious metals in Jiangxi.
As the core strategy, Teamgo regards resources control as the center. Zijin Baoshan Mining Co., Ltd., one of Teamgo’s wholly owned subsidiaries, engages in the operations of mining investment, prospecting, exploitation, logistic and marketing through centralized management. Focus on the main minerals, such as Fe, Au, Cu, Pb, Zn, Mo and Sn, Teamgo tries hard to obtain mining resources in large scale, accelerate the mass mining exploitation, enlarge the total reserves of mining resources, ensure the sustainable and rapid development of mining exploitation, build up a large-scale,distinctive and leading group company in the industry through the risk study of geological prospecting, the acquisition of mining rights, the merger and acquisition of mining companies, foreign acquisition and other ways.

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