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In metallurgical trade and logistics, Teamgo’s traditional core business, it implements integration strategy of domestic and foreign business, collaborative joint operation among Guangzhou Teamgo Co., Ltd., the Sales Branch of Zijin Baoshan Ming Co., Ltd., Awonwin (Asia) Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Baoshan Trading Co., Ltd. Teamgo has large-scale warehouses and iron ore blending bases in Guangzhou, Heyuan, Meizhou, Qingdao, Ningbo, Jiujiang, etc. There are 2 steel logistical bases in Guangzhou, which are the integration of storage, loading, unloading, processing, delivery and transportation. Simultaneously, Teamgo has built up long-term cooperation relationship with the domestic merchants of railways, highways, ports and foreign shipping companies. Its business network is available in many cities and provinces of China, Peru, Chile, India, Brazil, Australia, Venezuela, Mexico, Philippine, etc.
Teamgo’s metallurgical trade and logistics develop rapidly. It has formed an industrial chain for integration of storage, sales, processing and delivery, established a sales network and logistical services system, which is centered in the Pearl River Delta and available in South China, East China and North China. Teamgo has a comprehensive sales network and services system of over 3000 customers, has built up full range and multifaceted cooperation relationship with many domestic famous steel companies, such as Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Xinyu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Fangda Special Steel Technology Co., Ltd., Valin Lianyuan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., Jigang Group Co., Ltd. etc. With its breakthrough effect in the industry, Teamgo has become the most influential steel distributor of steel, the supplier of metallurgical materials and oceangoing logistics. In 2009, Teamgo’s annual sales amount of steel reached 600,000 tons, the annual sales amount of iron ore reached 2 million tons, and the business scale of logistic reached 3 million tons.

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