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Through surviving numerous challenges in the past20 years, Teamgo has grown strong. The early-stage Teamgo and the present one can be compared to a seedling and a forest, or compared to a musical note and a resounding symphony. Today, Teamgo keeps strengthening and gains competitive advantages in a sustainable way by building our solid foundation on the resources, industry, technology, culture, etc. We are moving to maturity step by step.
Our achievement is attributable to the opportunities of the times, the hard work and dedication of our staff, as well as the care and support of our friends from all circles. On behalf of Teamgo, I hereby thank our friends from all circles for their long-term care and support, and thank our staff for their dedication and efforts!
As a Chinese saying goes, the vast sky allows the birds to fly at ease, and the wide sea allows the fish to leap freely. Our solid industrial foundation and favorable humanistic environment provide an ideal career platform and cultural atmosphere. We warmly welcome talents from every corner of the world to join our vigorous company that offers immense opportunities for our staff. We realize that, the trust of our customers is the greatest asset for us. Therefore, we will keep developing with our customers to create a better future!

In the face of new challenges and opportunities, although it is an arduous task and the road is long, we will be confident, innovative and indomitable to keep transcending ourselves. In order to realize leap-forward development, increase our ability for sustainable growth and assume greater share of responsibilities for our customers, staff and the society as a whole, we will make further efforts in mechanism innovation, structure optimization, breakthrough management and remolding, try hard to be the leader in resources industry and infrastructure construction industry. I’m confident that we will create even greater splendor by stronger strength and more powerful vitality!

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